September Song

I’m riding on “FAll” again (September). It’s like seeing and hearing the trumpets glowing – and I’m about to take that wonderful ride.

You guessed it, my favorite month is September. And what would be my favorite song, but the September Song. So I’m taking the words of the song and applying them in parentheses.  Maybe this is you too?

Oh, it’s a long, long while
From May to December (well, not so long when you’re older)
And the days grow short
When you reach September (so short, I never get everything done)

When the autumn weather
Turns the leaves to flame (I love that sight)
I haven’t got time
For the waiting game (that’s for sure, because my birthday is in September and they’re stacking up)

Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few (I savor every one)
September, November (gosh, they go so fast now)
And these few precious days
I’d spend with you
These golden days I’ll spend with you (my friends and followers)

In view of Hurricane Dorian, I feel extremely blessed! Praying for those people affected by this terrible storm.

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