The Tangible God

Think back at all the things that have happened to you throughout your life and I bet you can connect some of those things to a purpose that came later down the road.

Maybe it was the time you were on your way to a family member’s house miles away and a few minutes into the trip you suddenly came upon a terrible accident that occurred just moments before you got there. Was the timing just coincidence that you were behind the accident? Could your arrival moments later have been because you thought to double-check your purse for your glasses, or check your wallet for your credit card before you pulled out of the garage? Maybe you went back into the house for your cell phone?

Can you honestly say it was just a lucky break that your relative received a warm, live body instead of a corpse?


So many things happen each day of our lives that cause us to wonder – was God in that?

In my own experiences, of which I testify that God has worked His power in my life, someone will always demand that I demonstrate the fact by questioning me further. That’s okay. I welcome questions while at the same time I hope to never let a raised eyebrow or frown make me believe anything else, but that God was there in the moment of which I speak.

My point is that all of us, in one way or another, can be cynical about life and its happenings. I confess that I am chief critic at times. I’m often skeptical of goodness, given to showing up other’s human weaknesses, searching for the unworthy motive in someone’s life. Oh, the mess I make of my heart and my mind at times.

The antidote for this type of cynical thinking is found in one of the most profound and inspiring Scriptures of the New Testament: “All things work together for good….” (Romans 8:28)

So, next time traveling the expressway – going 70 miles an hour – you suddenly discover with a quick unexplained glance of your eye that hidden car in your blind spot, or………

someone tells you that they love you when you’re hitting rock bottom —–


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