Grandma Is Such A Ham!

It’s amazing how grandparents and parents pass down the “family traits” and some of them are actually laughable. Take for instance this hilarious story: A young wife went about cooking her first ham dinner for her husband.  Before she put the ham in the oven, she cut off both ends. When her husband asked her why she did that, she replied that her mother always cut both ends of the ham off before putting it in the oven.  Twenty years later, her daughter fixed a ham dinner for her husband, and cut off both ends of the ham before shoving it into the oven. Her husband asked why she did that. Her response was:  “My mother and grandmother always cut off both ends of the ham.”  

One day the granddaughter was visiting her grandmother and while both of them were in the kitchen, the granddaughter asked:  “Grandma, why do you cut the ends off the hams you cook?”  Waiting for a very scientific gourmet-type answer, Grandma said: “Because my baking dish is too small.”

I never knew my maternal or fraternal grandmothers because they passed away before I was born, but I remember when I was a little tyke, my Mom put dirty dishes in the oven. The answer to that weird habit was: “Company is coming and I don’t have time to wash them.” 

Thank goodness for our dishwashers! 

Please add to this post the funny things your family does (or did). We all love a good laugh.


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