Twenty-four Years makes Little Difference

Strange how history repeats itself.

It was August 1995 and 3 months before America would go to the polls to vote in the November 1996 Presidential election. I was concerned, as I am now, that the world was slowly creeping toward a climax;   i.e. its highest point of culmination with tensions playing out in every arena.



Past history showed that wars and evil could change a nation, or the world, in quick time.

Here’s what I wrote in 1995 on the editorial page of a monthly publication I was privileged to be both writer and editor for:

“World events are rapidly changing history and blowing the musty seal off the Apocalypse. The presence of end time prophesy in world events is as conspicuous as a clown act in an opera house. No longer is there a timid tap on the heart’s door. The sound of God’s passion for the world almost suggests bruised and bloodied knuckles. Can you sense it?  In this year’s Presidential election, certainly “character” and “experience” should matter at the polls. But looking at the deeper picture of what’s at stake from our own safety advantage – and what is also predicted in prophesy – our choice should go beyond the personality, and be rationed with wisdom.”  (9/11 was just 6 years away when I wrote this. Terrorists completely changed our country and the world in a matter of one morning.) 

History often repeats itself to a point that the past is repeatable in similar ways. I believe I can write the 1995 editorial today and still be on the same target. For, the years that have flown by are but a wink to God, and I am still deeply concerned for the nations of the world, especially ours.

If I am held to the TRUTH (which I am), I truly believe there exists obligation to be sensitive and appropriately involved in the political state of our country….which is presently in division and a mode of dis-respectfulness. It is TRUTH that matters. “It matters above everything else and clearly demonstrates that it cannot be successfully fought. To fight it guarantees a frustrating blunder. (Quote from my book: Take Charge of Your Destiny, page 25.)

Shakespeare penned it superbly:

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

May God bless America and continue to make us the shining star on a hill.


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