Less Than Ten Dollars

I believe this to be true: There are things in our lives, and responsibilities, that only you and I can do, and without our energy and talents little in our corner of the world would get done. I also believe that most of what we do for ourselves and others is as healing as the surgeon’s scalpel, or as helpful as hot asphalt dumped in a giant pot-hole.

The pessimist looks at their failed accomplishments and might ask this question: does a gnat make a ripple if it lands in the ocean? Can it be seen in its vapors? No. But this is often used as a defeatist viewpoint, or a reason for discouragement.

You and I might ask, how can anyone change a heart for good, or accomplish the dreams that lie in the crevasses of our own heart, and do it in a wild and wooly world packed with almost 8 billion people? Believe me, I ask the same questions when things are moving slow and there is no profit in sight. Still, I realize that even in constant striving there is an element of joy . . . the joy of hope and victory! Without hope and the vision of accomplishment, we wither away, looking through the darkened glass seeing nothing but mountains. But the truth is that what we actually do will last forever – even it it doesn’t move the mountain.

Think of it in another way – the beautiful Stradivari violins would never have been made without Antonio Stradivari. No other violin comes close to what this man worked hard at doing. On the same token, things that only you and I can do come under likely conditions. Only we can do them, and we are alive to do them . . . parenting, working, teaching, loving, etc., etc.

With less than ten dollars in her pocket, Gladys Aylward courageously took her energy, her talents, and her reasonable responsibilities and moved mountains for hundreds of children in China. I would venture to say that everyone reading this post has more than ten dollars in their wallet. I just checked my wallet, and yes, I have more than $10. The point is that we all have more than enough talent, energy, funds (if needed) to accomplish what God wants us to do – to change the world if that’s what He has planned for us. I get excited when I think of the possibilities —- that with Jesus, nothing is impossible. In Him we have all things.

With God, everything is possible.

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