Yesterday, for the first time in 14 months I walked the isles of the grocery store and strolled the lanes of the Dollar Tree, wearing a mask. I felt assured that I was safe from the “virus”…that submicroscopic infectious agent that came out of China in January 2020. My husband and I are fully vaccinated and trusting that the science of these vaccines are as good as they say they are.

I felt like a happy child putting things in the grocery cart. I’ve never been out of touch for so long a time. It was like getting out of prison on Christmas day. I couldn’t get things in my cart fast enough! For one solid year, plus 2 months, I kept myself away from people because the odds were not good to go public. Being a Registered Nurse, specialized in Public Health and Human Services, I knew chances were very risky to be out unless absolutely necessary.

Currently, we are far from being safe here in Michigan. My state is the number one hot spot in the country. Michiganders are 48% vaccinated, but we have 22% yet to go before our Governor takes restrictions off. We are suffering in so many ways.

I remember only twice during the time I was hunkered down, that I shopped outdoors at Home Depot, and 4 times during last summer I ate dinner at our favorite restaurant. The rest of the time we got food from carry out windows and ate sitting in our car at the park.

Yesterday, I loved picking out my own lettuce and tomatoes, rather than having someone else pick them for me and bring them to my car. I enjoyed passing other people in the isles, noticing none of them seemed concerned about being in dangerous territory. I loved everything except my fogged-up glasses. The mask and breathing do not work well together. I finally took the glasses off!


What a wonderful thing. I can’t help but think of our Lord and the freedom He has given us through His work on Calvary. Forgiveness of sins….past, present and future. That is the greatest freedom of all. I likened my freedom stroll in those isles yesterday to the freedom of one day entering Heaven without any fear or condemnation, because my sins are covered by Christ.

Thinking about this, I remembered a conversation years ago with my wonderful Christian mother. The subject centered on our inability to be perfect, and live without sinning. I was worried about my standing with God. Was I okay? Would I be accused of something I did?

I’ll never forget what she said, so very eloquently, but firmly – “if by chance we find ourselves standing at the Judgment Seat of God, and someone – or something – condemns us, then our only plea is CHRIST, and that will settle it. Yesterday I felt physically free for the first time in months. And I also felt spiritually free in the reminder that faith in Christ Jesus gives liberty and peace.

I believe many Christians have drawn closer to the Lord during these past months. For me, I have a stronger sense of God’s omnipotent control – even in crisis situations. Even in sorrowful outcomes, His omnibenevolence (compassion and goodness) is there. His purpose is always working.

We see so many leaders using this situation for political gain and control, but God is using it spiritually for His people, and for those who are coming to Him out of fear and loneliness – many without jobs.

Thank you Lord that nothing has slipped out of Your Hands. You remain in control and are a present help in time of need.

Feel free to leave a comment about how God has used the pandemic in your life.

Now for something on the newsy side……..

I will soon be announcing a third edition to my previously published novel. It will come once my publisher has completed all the last minute criteria. I will post the book on this website blog. Following this announcement, another novel is scheduled to be released at end of this year. It will be followed by an exciting sequence. All three books are in the publisher’s hands now. The process is slow. Stay tuned, and please wing a prayer that the market for Christian books will stay open. Thank you, and I love you all!

7 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Janet Connors says:

    Mary, I always enjoy reading your Blog. Being cooped up for so many months has taken its toll on everyone and being able to go out for the simple task of buying groceries is liberating to say the least! I certainly have drawn nearer to God during this pandemic which has brought me great comfort. Congratulations on your upcoming books. What an awesome accomplishment.


  2. Alan Kearns says:

    I can relate to your excitement in being allowed to roam the stores again, we have had the pleasure of visiting garden centres recently – what luxury! God is good in all circumstance, praise Him! This last year has seen the beginning of my devotional writing at Devotional Treasures, for which I give all the glory to God. It is amazing how He can make so much beautiful things out of a pandemic to further His great Commission. God bless you Mary in your writing for Him.
    N.B. clean your glasses with hand sanitizer and let them dry naturally before you go out, they won’t get foggy when you wear your face mask then.

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  3. Mary Cates Author and Freelance Writer says:

    Alan, thank you so much for this wonderful comment. I agree that God is blessing your devotional writing. I was reading your posts from the very beginning and I can see how your ministry is blossoming. Thank you for the tip on de-fogging my glasses. My next trip to the store should be fogless. ha. Thank the Lord it is just my glasses that are fogged up. 🙂


  4. meghanewhite says:

    So happy for you to be able get out and do regular things like grocery shop. That’s awesome! Over these many crazy months I think I’ve learned to trust God more with so many unknowns and so much fear being spread. It was a great opportunity to show the love and light of Jesus to a fearful world. Blessings to you Mary!


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