I read something the other day that expressed happiness as a spiritual experience of love, grace, and thankfulness. In other words, it’s not something found on a treasure hunt, but rather it exists within ourselves. The evidence of it can be found in our goals and what we consider our purpose in life. Happiness and joy has miraculous evidence even as we experience the evils of the world, which is moving farther into godlessness. Sadly, I see enough happening today to believe we are experiencing the “End of Days” as described by the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy chapter 3.

I draw attention to Rachael Carson, the heroine in my novel “Hidden in Irish Hills”. I created her character with many of the values you and I carry — a desire for happiness, along with notable purpose. Rachael’s desire was to do everything in her power to use what God had given her to save herself, and rescue others in a world that had gone mad with evil power. She courageously gambled the odds in order to survive.

I am excited about this book because right NOW it is being sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores throughout the country, and the world. The storyline focuses on a suspenseful plot, with events popping up that appear to showcase what End Time prophesy might be like when God’s prophetic clock begins to strike the midnight hour. There is intrigue, love and grace woven throughout every page. Although this book is fiction, reality speaks between the lines.

I began writing this novel several years ago. Today I am astounded to see how the plot is spot-on for what is happening right now — things that could bring the End. My observance grew as I saw the violence and lawlessness running ramped throughout major cities in our country last summer. Massive civil unrest throughout the world also added to my belief that the world is getting ripe for the antichrist. COVID-19 raised my eyebrows, mainly because the epidemic may have been deliberately caused. Yet, considering the killing power of this “created” virus makes its something of evil intention, regardless of how we view it. Then, more astonishment came after 2021 arrived. We are experiencing an all-out war against God, our Constitution and deliberate desecrating of the moral codes we have followed for over 245 years. I believe we are living in the last minutes before the events spoken of in Revelation begin to occur. Hidden in Irish Hills has become a novel that everyone will benefit reading.

Proudly, this is the third publication of this novel, for which I thank Ambassador International Publishers for recognizing its value. They have taken this book to heart and worked hard to give it superb editing and a breathtaking ending.  

Click here to see a three-minute video that gives a glimpse of the book:

Click here to order the book on http://Amazon.com or http://christianbooks.com

God bless you all!

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