Fingers On the Computer Keyboard

  There are no scientific DNAs or electronic lists of words giving me information. On the contrary, it is just my fingers plucking away on the computer keyboard and my words coming out like a lone voice into a global wilderness. And so, what the world recently received was the creation of my novel Hidden in Irish Hills — appearing like a baby suddenly rescued and placed into the arms of humans who would take it and profit. Of almost 8 billion people on this earth, it remains a mystery who will enjoy and profit from this gift of words that was given to me from the highest source possible, like words as though they are  “The People’s” most  influential documents in history. Please do not take this as being excessively proud of myself, or carnally exaggerating my qualities or abilities. The truth is that I struggle with gross inferiority. I am simply saying that this novel came into my mind and my spirit from another source far greater than I. Yes, greater than the success of J.K. Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter series. Indeed, the Voice that leads me is contrary to Rowling’s fiction writings which were supposedly inspired by an erroneous rumor that a female named Doris Crockford – who is a witch in Britain – greeted Harry Potter in the Leaky Cauldron on the way to Harry’s first trip into Diagonal Alley.  Rowling’s novels are steeped in the evil world of satanic activity….her success is not from God, but from the dark spirit world. 

And acknowledging that, it leads me to say that the world of “fake” is all around us, even in the publishing industry. It’s amazing the fake things most authors do to get an audience. Some pay for stars and reviews on Amazon to make them look popular. Some pay for bogus awards that are simply framed documents that make them look prestigious, but they amount to nothing to those who really know. I have witnessed the merchandising of manuscripts causing a frenzy of greed. Granted, if you are a Follower of this blog, you are aware that I seek an audience. But it is not for myself, but for the One who has given me the gift of writing. God is sovereign and He controls everything in my life. The truth is that He could wither my flesh with leprosy and cast me upon the garbage pile if He chose to do so.

My website is public. I accept very few Followers, and recently purged my list of Followers — of which you are one if this post was sent to your email inbox. You, and the public are everyone walking the paths of global business affairs, entertainment, sports, retirement, and family. A vast wonderful audience of people in which God has complete sovereignty. 

My hour as an author is now. The good wine in my life is ready to drink.

And so, Hidden in Irish Hills is like wine in a new flask, the messages in this book await to be tasted by everyone. It is for a purpose. There is a message of hope hidden in every chapter….you simply need to find it. 

For the public surfer who has just entered this website, please know that this book is available on and the storyline is also posted there. Simply ask for Hidden in Irish Hills by Mary Cates. The book can also be ordered at all stores where books are sold. Also available at

Okay, I’m almost ready to sign off for now, but first I am compelled to say this, because it’s true and been bugging me for a log time. What has been my most disappointing experience with my church and many of my friends has been the discovery that my books have been read second hand, by passing them around rather than buying them. This simply tells me that my audience is NOT my church, but people like you, the public. It would be great if you would repost this article to your social medias…..Facebook, Tweeter, Linkedin, etc., and even to your private data list. You are my audience. You are the human lifeline and link to my work. I know this, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you are a new public internet surfer, please mark my blog in our favorites or bookmarks so you can be updated, or better yet, request to be a Follower. I will have more news for you. Another exciting novel is coming out soon, which is of a different subject and setting. I will post its’ arrival as soon as my publisher (Ambassador International Publishers) releases it for pre-order.

God bless you my friend.

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