Stay the Course, Sailor

The world population of almost 8 billion people is still in the process of treading water – hoping for rescue from all that has come across the globe in the last 20 months. It’s been a wild ride! More than ever before in our lifetimes, the last two years will be remembered for its phenomenal events, ranging from COVID, mass civil unrest, election disputes, Middle East shakeups, multiple business failures, soaring prices . . . and what we wise Christians see as the great falling away from God.

The comfort and help we need – which keeps you and I from complaining that it’s not easy being a human being – is the love of our family and friends, and of most importance, the promises in God’s Holy Word.

I hope you are staying the course. I am surely trying. I admit that I’m tired of treading the deep waters, but I’m staying afloat, knowing that whatever the stress, or fear, or unrest that comes my way, God has the answer and will move powerfully into it. I say this because I know! I’ve had many serious problems, of various things throughout my life. One event, especially, has been deeply hurtful. It has not been solved, but I can testify that God’s grace is sufficient to keep me going forward, and stay the course. So, I encourage you – don’t give up on your efforts to have victory and success in all that you set out to do.

God is faithful.


I must tell you, although I don’t like to keep talking about my new book release, “Hidden in Irish Hills”, but the exciting thing is that Amazon is running a sale on it. I’m thinking the book is a great Christmas gift for those in your life who like to read. It would be a perfect gift for anyone who loves suspense, exciting mystery, and love. It’s not a fluffy novel by any means. By that I mean, it’s not a “girly novel”. It’s a page turner for men and women alike, and of all ages. This story is set in the times we are in right now, and moves excitingly into the future. On the last page is the personal invitation to accept Christ as Savior. Yes, right on that page is your opportunity to invite an unsaved friend or loved one to come to Christ. I hope you will click into Amazon now and take advantage of the sale. Buy 2 books and get one free.

Click here:

Thank you, and God bless you and your family.

6 thoughts on “Stay the Course, Sailor

  1. Beth Alisan says:

    Oh my Mary, your words “I admit that I’m tired of treading the deep waters, but I’m staying afloat” articulate exactly how I’ve been feeling these last few months only I didn’t have a way to express it. Thank you for that but more importantly thank you for the words of encouragement. Yes the “comfort and help we need is the love of our family and friends, and of most importance, the promises in God’s Holy Word.”

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  2. Mary Cates Author and Freelance Writer says:

    Thank you Tangie. I am blessed by your posts and comments, and I see that we are truly on the same page with the Word of God and our Savior Christ Jesus. You will enjoy reading my book when you get it, and as you turn the pages will recognize how the love and protection of God is upon His people in this age in which we live. God bless you.


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