You Fill My Heart with Joy

Youth and happiness exists only when there is no reality of death.

I’m not sure who said that . . . maybe it is a quote from the movie: “Into The Wild”, written by Christopher McCandless. But whomever wrote it, in a great sense it is true of the Christian. But only if we change the word reality to that of not being fearful of death. “. . when there is no fear of death”. In Christian reality, we have eternal life through Christ.

The world is upside down right now, but for those who have their faith and trust in Christ, we can affirm that God over-rides and interrupts fear with joy and happiness. I’m not saying that we Christians live in a constant state of euphoria, or an imaginary existence of utopia. No! Not when last week I had a break-through infection of COVID. (Thankfully it was mild compared to those in hospitals and many struggling on vents.) However, I believe we can support the words of King David when he wrote: You (God) have filled my heart with greater joy than when our grain and our new wine was abundant. (Psalm 4:7, emphasis is mine.)

Think about it….much has been taken away from us by a vicious pandemic, terrible storms, and leaders here in our country, and around the world — who appear to be void of Godly wisdom. We wonder what tomorrow’s news will be. Even as I am writing this, Russia is advancing toward the Ukraine, and tons of our army equipment is being transported to the Ukrainians — to help them fight, and hopefully hold the Russian army back.

Still, in the stress of world conditions and even experiencing hardship in our own lives, underneath are the Everlasting Arms of God holding us up. We would faint and wither if this were not true.

I hope you are finding joy and gladness in all the little things that come to you today.

For me, I plan to sit with my husband inside our warm car at the park, facing toward the icy, rushing water of the River Raisin Dam, and enjoy a yummy McDonald’s hamburger with him. The sight of the power that moves the water is exciting to watch.

Perhaps I’ll dare to sneak a few of my husband’s salty fries, just to tease him. And we will laugh at the funny antics of Canadian Geese gathering at the shoreline in front of us, and watch the sea gulls fly over the river.

Oh, what simple things God gives us everyday that shows His love and comfort toward us. If we should live in a place as wonderful as the Taj Mahal, or have the fame and fortune of the entire world, without the joy of the Lord in our hearts, we would have nothing to boast about.

So today, as I gather up my blessings, I invite you to grab hold of yours, and enjoy the little blessings that come moment by moment. They add up to a joyful heart.

Happy are those who trust in the Lord. (Jeremiah 17:7, paraphrased.)

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2 thoughts on “You Fill My Heart with Joy

  1. Anneta Pinto-Young says:

    Lovely post and great reminder to enjoy the simple things in God’s great creation. I stay off the news as it’s saturated with fear based sentiments which does not always confirm the word of God. Stay blessed. 🙏🏾


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