The Greatest Plan of All

Two weeks ago our maple tree started budding. A sign that spring was on the way. And I remembered something I head my mother say when I was just a kid: “Spring is a reminder of the resurrection, when everything that died comes to life again”. It wasn’t until she passed way that I fully became aware of the comfort in her statement.

While we move through life we see that God has provided all sorts of good things for us.

The way that He loves us is perfect and beautiful, even when in sorrow and suffering.

It was Jeremiah who wrote in Chapter 29 the words that we hang tight on when we struggle with something that is gnawing away our peace and troubling our lives. God gave him these words to ensure us of His love and care: “For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace, and not for evil — I say these words to give you hope in your final outcomes of all that you do and all that you hope for. You can call on Me and I will hear you and heed your call.” (my emphases from The Amplified Old Testament).

And sure enough, full bloom comes and the answers we needed are given and understood.

It might be different than what we except. Dandelions instead of flowers

Running shoes instead of soft slippers. But the answer is there and it is always for our good. . . .His plans are always for our welfare and peace.

We look at this troubled world and notice that not much seems right anymore. Many wonder and worry about their prosperity and safety. Unless we live in a bubble, we cannot deny that there is a great falling away from God. But we know the end of the story — the final outcome that will bring the resurrection and a new life that will surpass all our grandiose imaginations.

It’s a beautiful morning today. The sun is brilliant, like a million stars coming at us at once. The grass is green, the maple tree is fluffy with new leaves, and the patio table and chairs are waiting to be uncovered. Spring is here, and the promise of the resurrection and new life is everywhere.

God’s command to “Be still” brings quiet and comfort. I am assured that He has the reigns held tight in His hands. Even at this moment, in the darkest places on earth, the promise He gave in Jeremiah still holds true.

15 thoughts on “The Greatest Plan of All

  1. Linda Raha says:

    Beautiful post! I love your description of the sun, like a ‘million stars coming at us at once.” It is a beautiful day, and we are so very blessed! Thank you for sharing this message of hope and renewal. I love your pictures!

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  2. Nancy says:

    A lovely post both in words and photos, Mary. It’s a beautiful day here filled with sunshine “like a million stars coming at us at once”. I’m going to enjoy it and remember your words of hope. Blessings to you and yours!


  3. Janet Connors says:

    Great reminder that our faith in God brings us peace and comfort at all times! I always enjoy your blog Mary. Your words are positive and give us much thought as to all of God’s blessings. Spring for sure is a blessing and new growth around us brings happiness! I’ve always loved Jeremiah 29:11.

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  4. Alan Kearns says:

    A lovely meditation on life in God and our blessed Saviour. I recently read an important point in another blog; that the treasure is our Provider and the provision is just a reminder of Him. God bless you dear sister 🙏

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