Here at last!

I am happy to announce that my new Christian novel was released TODAY!

   “The Wonted Voice of Forgiveness” is a contemporary Christian novel that tackles the hard questions of love, relationships, and forgiveness. It is truly a story ripe for today’s progressive and searching world.  As you read about Marco Ricci, and look into his heart and soul, you will discover a life that portrays a deep desire to do what is right, while battling against temptation. “The Wonted Voice of Forgiveness” will keep you turning the pages, as it points to a God Who loves us, even when we neglect to follow His plan.

Here is a brief synopsis of the story . . .

After his wife’s death, Marco Ricci feels all alone. He wants someone with whom he can share his life. When he meets Katie, he is sure that God has sent him the answer to his prayers. But Katie is married to an abusive man, who is angry because he has been paralyzed in a tragic accident. Committed to staying true to her vows and her God, Katie settles into a life of caring for an ungrateful husband, hoping that God might have more for her someday.

With a broken heart, Marco abandons his hope for Katie and returns to his job in Boston. As he tries to forget her, he loses sight of what really matters and carelessly makes a decision that alters the course of his life. In despair, he wonders if God will repair what is broken and make all things new. Will Katie find the happy life she longs for? 

I am confident that you will love this book, and I am hoping you will support my work as a Christian author, so I may continue in this ministry.

For your convenience, here is the direct link into Amazon……

After you have read the book, please be sure to go back into Amazon and leave a comment. This is helpful to others who are searching for Christian books.

Thank you so much. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions:

16 thoughts on “Here at last!

  1. Beth Alisan says:

    Wonderful news Mary!!! I was so excited I went right over to amazon and downloaded my copy:) This is the time of year when any new fiction purchases are set aside and saved to read while on vacation. Only your trailer is already reeling me into the story and I’m not sure if I can wait till our mountain trip in June. Though I know I’ll enjoy it all the more sitting on the porch of the cabin then right now as I’m in overdrive trying to wrap up another school year. I would call this a good quandary. Whichever it is, I will leave a review on Amazon when I’m finished.


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