Another New Journey Begins!

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It’s a day of excitement and on-going anticipation for me, as the release of my newest Christian novel: “The Same Rainbow’s End” is now immediately available. It’s been a long wait for this launch, going as far back as October 2020. This novel is the most riveting and suspenseful love story I have written.

I remember that beautiful October day when I was ready to release it. Colorful leaves were settling on the lawn outside my office window. Strange, how I was happy and frightened all at the same time. I signed the publisher’s contract and anxiously placed the outcome into God’s hands. The book’s future belonged to Him now.

I mention today’s excitement because I believe The Same Rainbow’s End is one of my best works. It is a pure story of life, love, and grace. . . a story EVERYONE can enjoy and relate to.

Here is a brief critique . . .

Charles Ricci is on top of the world. From the outside, he has everything he could want. And now, his professional career as a famous piano player is taking him to performance halls around the world. But when he is asked to perform alongside singer Abigail Clark, Charles begins to wonder if he has finally found the one thing missing from his life. However, Abigail Clark has one focus – to become a professional singer. With her parents pushing her to keep her eyes set on her dream, Abigail is determined to not allow anyone to get too close. But when she is introduced to Charles Ricci, she begins to wonder if it’s possible to have more than one dream. Will she dare to fall in love with him? Can they make a relationship work if both of them are traveling the world performing? Charles has only known wealth and privilege, while Abigail has lived a simpler life. In their less than smooth relationship, the question is whether they will trust in God or lose all hope to make things work. But then, without warning, tragedy strikes and the questions become harder to answer. What course will they take? Will they find that God is still faithful? The Same Rainbow’s End is a riveting love story that will push every reader to examine their own personal dreams and desires, and dare to trust God for the answer.

The book is available in paperback or Kindle version on Amazon, and at all stores that sell books.

Here is the link into Amazon:

I hope you will add this book to your personal library. My heartfelt thanks to you and all who select this book to be part of your reading experience.

If for some technical reason the link above does not work, simply put the name of the book on the Amazon search line and it will come up for order.

Please scroll down and see two other books that will take you on other terrific reading journeys that will keep you turning the pages.

23 thoughts on “Another New Journey Begins!

  1. gailbavaird says:

    Mary: Congrats on the release of “The Same Rainbow’s End” ….. finally! Praying for many, many sold books!! Love, Gail ________________________________

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    • Mary Cates Author says:

      Beth, thank you! Your support is appreciated, and I hope you enjoy reading the story of how Charles Ricci becomes the son whom Marco saved for the world also to love and enjoy. As I wrote this story, I often wished that there was such a boy in real time whose life would also inspire millions, but yet would find the center in Christ and then discover the special one he would share his life with.

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    • Mary Cates Author says:

      Hello Evelyn Krieger, Thank you for the nice comment on the book cover. No, “Moon River” is not a song featured in this novel, however, Abigail sings several pop and classic songs, which helps her “own” her audiences. The love story woven into this novel sometimes demands a song, from either her or Charles. I think the most “touching” of all songs, however, is sung in the prequel, when Marco sings to Katie the song: “If Ever I Would Leave You”. Are you a music fan?

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      • EvelynKrieger says:

        I’m a big music fan, especially the old standards from the 1940s-50’s. I recognize Marco’s song from Camelot. The title of your book is also a line in “Moon River. What’s next on your journey?


  2. Beth Alisan says:

    Mary, I just finished reading “The Same Rainbow’s End” and posted a review on Amazon. I’m also including the review here. Hope all is well! I miss your posts and comments. Blessings! Beth:)

    Review: This book is so well titled. A rainbow only comes after a storm, such is the case for the Rici’s. This is not a book of coming to faith. Rather both leading characters already have a strong relationship with Jesus. Their story is one of facing the storms of life in a realistic human way yet leaning on the Lord and His plan to see the rainbow’s end. In true Cates’ fashion, the author takes you on journey where even the smallest detail has been researched making the story all the more plausible. For a story that leaves me feeling like I’ve read a biography (my favorite genre) rather than a work of fiction, I give this book a 5 star review.


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