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Mary Cates, Epoch News

Hours before I started reading the book, Hearts of Fire, I shamefully got into a spat with my husband because he spilled coffee on the den carpet. This room is a favorite room, with a smart TV , comfortable recliners, a window looking out into a peaceful neighborhood — and not to forget – white carpet .Keep this in mind as I start from the beginning. . .

Earlier that day UPS delivered the “Fire” book, featuring stories about eight women from different foreign countries who were severely persecuted for their Christian belief. I laid the book on my nightstand for reading later. As the day grew, everything got good between me and my husband. The den carpet cleaned up well, my stomach was full, and the bottle of flavored water from the refrigerator tasted wonderful while I relaxed in my recliner.

Later that evening I started reading the stories in the book. As I turned the pages, I began realizing how inflated my life is with all the many comforts. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a comfortable life, but what I was reading was not comfortable, it was heart-wrenching. One story featured a woman who was dragged from her home, beaten almost to death, plunged into a lonely dark cell, with a smelly bucket for a toilet, and starved. All this because of her Christian faith. Suddenly, the coffee spilled on the carpet meant nothing. The woman’s name was Tara. With God’s help she survived to tell her story. There were other grueling stories waiting to be read.

Teary-eyed I closed the book, thinking what would my response be if suddenly the United States went straight into the darkness of hell and everything I cherished became worthless? What if I were yanked from my home because I am a Christian? My thoughts led me to think about the President of the United States, and the G-20 summit.

High Stakes

The old soapbox drama, “As the World Turns”, is a great title for the recent gathering of the twenty great 20 nations of the world. High stakes were at their meetings in Indonesia just a few days ago. But not to discuss a sudden world-wide catastrophe, such as China pouring Fentanyl into our country, which kills hundreds of our kids and young adults every day. Not any pressure put toward China for their accountability regarding the leak of COVID, which infected the entire world. Not one of the vitally important things were on their docket, or on Biden’s mind. Instead, the President’s main focus was on Global Warming.

A missile was exploded in Poland before the end of the summit. That shook things up a little, but prior to that, I believe the common interests of these nations were to evaluate Joseph Biden in person. I say this soberly. Those Heads of State, who sat at that humongous conference table, were no doubt assessing his weakness in leadership and his obvious cognitive impairment.

If you were following the summit, you may have noticed what I saw was that was unconscionable.

When the cameras were rolling to capture the world-famous handshake of Xi Jinping and Biden — Xi was already standing center stage. Our President walked to him. A true sign of weakness on Biden’s part. Never walk to the enemy, let them walk to you. Notice in the photo that Biden places both of his hands around Xi’s hand as though he has an enduring love for him.

To top that off, Biden walked off the platform with Xi slightly in front of him (another sign of weakness). He put his hand on Xi’s back in a loving touch. The photo op showed a lack of strength and power on Biden’s part. Perhaps this is because the Biden family have huge financial ties to China…corruptive ties. Watch carefully, as the new Republican House vows to start an investigation of the Biden’s.

Maybe you don’t notice things like I have pointed out, but the real picture shows that our country is slowly being stripped of honor and strength, while the mainstream media refuses to report on the activity of evil power in high places. China is as much an enemy to us as Russia….maybe more! They are slowly owning us. Our grandchildren may one day be forced into an unbreakable stronghold, with China directing and owning everything they work for.

There is a Good Part

The good part in this Epoch news is that it will always be written with an eye on One Person…our Creator, and the Scriptures. Christians know that our God is in complete control no matter how things add up. We may suffer stress about what’s going on, but there’s truth and comfort in knowing that not one world leader, or natural catastrophic event, slips through God’s hands uncontrolled.

God forbid if America eventually is over-taken by a Communist government, or China becomes our bully commander. But individually we know that we will still belong to God, if we truly know Him.

It’s not simply a cliché to say God is in control. It’s the exact truth of Him and His Son, Jesus. Whether we are in Indonesia where the 20 greatest nations of the world gathered, or we live in River Forest Indiana – with a population of only 24 – God has it covered. He has your life and your family covered, if you are trusting in Him. His agenda is moving forward!

Be encouraged!

King David said it well: “He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.” (Psalm 91)

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God Bless you and have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

4 thoughts on “Epoch News I

  1. Janet Connors says:

    Mary, I love the picture of you at your computer! And as always I love your message. I did not pick up on Bidens ’ moves and actions when he greeted XI, but I did notice how XI seem to respond and greet Biden. It was as if he could care less about greeting the President of the United States! Biden is indeed weak and that is very evident when he’s out of his element and handlers in DC. I fear for our future generations as well! Hopefully the Republicans will step up to the plate and make some changes soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beth Alisan says:

    Mary, I thought that book looked and sounded familiar so I checked my book shelf and “Hearts of Fire” is indeed sitting there. A sobering yet inspiring read. I’m so glad that you shed light on it through this post. It was sitting next to another book I’ve been thinking I need to pull out and reread soon- “The Insanity of God.” In these days, I’ve often thought of Corrie Ten Boom and her family and how overnight they lost their freedom and faced intense danger and persecution for living out their faith. I can only hope that I am using my time now wisely in building up my faith and the store of scripture in my heart and my mind so that I will be ready for whatever the Lord has planned.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mary Cates Author says:

    Beth, I agree that our time is vitally important now and we need to be building up our faith. I am intrigued about the book you mentioned…”The Insanity of God”. I’m going to look into it. Sounds like an interesting read. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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