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“The Wonted Voice of Forgiveness” is a contemporary Christian novel. Marco Ricci has an exciting life of surprising twists and turns, tackling the hard questions of love, lust and forgiveness. The story taps into today’s society and moves the reader to capture the many emotions of love and forgiveness, and shoes them a God Who loves us, even when we neglect to follow His plan. Here is the Amazon direct link:

“The Same Rainbow’s End” is the sequel to “The Wonted Voice of Forgiveness”. Coming Soon! Charles Ricci (Marco’s grown-up son) is on top of the world. From the outside, he has everything he could want. And now, his professional career as a famous piano player is taking him to performance halls around the world. But when he is asked to perform alongside up-and-coming singer Abigail Clark, he begins to wonder if he has finally found the one thing missing from his life. But Abigail Clark has one focus—to become a professional singer. With her parents pushing her to keep her eyes set on her dream, she is determined to not allow anyone to get too close. But when she is introduced to Charles Ricci, she begins to wonder if it’s possible to have more than one dream. Available on Amazon. Click here to order the book:

“Hidden in Irish Hills” is a contemporary novel with an excited fictional story that runs close to what life may be for the Christian when the New World Reset takes over. Rachael has one mission – to turn her Irish Hills mansion into a rescue home for Christians who denounce the evil tyranny and end up losing everyone. A surprising end that will thrill your the hearts of believers, or frighten the unbeliever. Available on Amazon Just type the book title and my name, Mary Cates, in the Amazon search line.

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