Book photo Mary Cates (3) Hi there! I’m Mary Cates

Thanks for dropping in. I hope you have come to this website with all your dreams and hopes and you will see something, or read something, that encourages you to keep moving forwardI am a new author and am hoping to find people who love to read fiction and enjoy pithy articles that focus on Christian principles and biblical precepts.

Hidden in Irish Hills “Hidden in Irish Hills is my first novel, published by Ambassador International Publishers, an affiliate of Emerald Publishing. It’s a fast-moving story of suspense, chilling courage, and love – written for today’s exciting world, with a hook on what’s coming next to planet Earth. Available now at https://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Irish-Hills-Mary-Cates/dp/1649601085/ref=sr_I_I?dchild=1&keywords=mary+cates+hidden+in+irish+hills

Watch this short trailer video and catch a glimpse of the hidden characters….https://youtube.com/watch?v=VvP0bqpPHLA

Two more novels have been added and are available on Amazon

The final front cover for Wonted Voice            Final front cover of The Same Rainbow's End

Both novels are set in a much different realm than “Hidden in Irish Hills”. They connect with each other to follow the exciting but sometimes troubled world of a wealthy family living in the factious Whittier Towers of New York City. As for them on Amazon at: http://amazon.com

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